Our Team

Sara Fatima


Sara is a Physical Therapist assistant (PTA) at Clarity Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. She has been working at Clarity since October 2017. Accepting a position at Clarity was one of the best decisions she has ever made in her career so far but getting to this point was not how she originally planned her professional life.

Throughout her four years of high school, she had convinced herself that she was going to be a pharmacist, as all her cousins were enrolled in Pharmacy School and the salary seemed highly desirable.  She majored in Biology and Pre-Pharmacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago and immediately began working as a Technician in a pharmacy to gain experience. What an eye opener! That environment with little or no interaction with patients/clients made her realize that this career path was not a good fit.  She envisioned a career where she was exposed to a more positive, healing environment where she would see my patients/clients get better as she interacted and worked with them. With some help from her counselor and her cousin (who is also a PT), she found her way to the field of Physical Therapy.

By the time she graduated from UIC she had earned a bachelor degree in Kinesiology.  After finishing 16 months of intense classwork and clinical work in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at Fox College, she got placed at Clarity to finish her last clinical experience where she had the opportunity to learn from Craig, Ellen, Kevin, and Don. She absolutely loved the treatment techniques, customer service, and the level of care provided at Clarity. She felt she couldn’t turn down such an opportunity, getting to work in a stimulating environment where she could interact with all of Clarity’s great patients, observe their progress, and learn from her co-workers.

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