Our Team

Josh Casillas

Physical Therapist


I’ve had a few experiences in Physical Therapy that steered me in the direction of wanting to become a Physical Therapist. I was able to see therapy from 3 different perspectives: as a patient, as a family member taking a loved one to get therapy and as a rehab technician. Each scenario gave me a different outlook of how an injury can directly and indirectly impact an individual’s life, which made me want to help someone get through what could be a very difficult part in their life.

I attended Midwestern University and received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2023. I entered school knowing I wanted to work in out-patient orthopedics and at some point, work with athletes. 4 clinicals later, I still had the same views but also gained an appreciation and interested with working with the geriatric population as well.

I chose Clarity to begin my career because it aligned with my views, and when I came in for an interview, they had a great atmosphere, and everyone was very friendly. I’m glad that they felt the same about me, and I look forward to growing and learning from my peers here at Clarity, and assisting patient’s achieve their goals and return to doing the things that they love doing.

Questions? We are happy to any questions you may have! Schedule a free screening so we can discuss your problem areas and determine if physical therapy is the right course of action for you.