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Don Isacson


My first experience in physical therapy was when I was in high school. I had the option of not going to physical education classes and instead used that opportunity to work with the physical therapists in the special education department. While working with the therapists, I learned a lot about physical therapy. In particular, I really enjoyed getting to know each individual, developing relationships which drove me to help them as much as I could, and later, led me to go into the profession.

I attended Oakton College and received a Physical Therapy Assistant Degree, the same year I married my wife, Sue. After I graduated, I began my physical therapy career at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Chicago. At St. Elizabeth’s, I worked in post-surgical orthopedics with total Hip and knee replacement patients. I also worked with a local high school and many of its athletes. It was working with the student athletes that I really learned I enjoyed-out patient orthopedics and sports medicine.

Because I was interested in sports medicine, I then received my Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certificate to help improve my ability to rehabilitate athletes. After working at St. Elizabeth’s for eleven years, I pursued my special interest in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, working with multiple colleges. While I continued to work in outpatient, I also worked in home-health care with patients who were unable to come into physical therapy.

My roots with Clarity started when Ellen, Joan, Sharon and I all worked together at another outpatient physical therapy clinic. Craig and Ellen later went on to establish Clarity Physical Therapy and Wellness Center. One year later, they offered me the opportunity to come and work with them. It is a pleasure to work at Clarity with such a talented group of therapists! I truly enjoy what I do, getting to work with patients, and helping them achieve their goals.

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